My name’s Emma. I provide honest and sometimes sarcastic commentary on anything craft beer related, with an emphasis on supporting independent businesses and exploring locally from Truckee, California.

I’ve been drinking craft beer before it was legal; in high school I used to steal bottles of Lagunitas IPA from my mom. I won’t touch the stuff now (because #drinkindiebeer). My mom was the OG craft beer drinker—sipping on Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the ‘90s in her mom jeans—and she’s still one of my favorite brewery buddies and biggest fans (hi, Mom!).

Since those early hophead days, my palate’s expanded; I try to treat all beers equally. I started homebrewing in 2014 to better understand the process of making beer and experiment with flavors and styles (e.g., a few past favorites include a sour pineapple golden ale and a chamomile cream ale). Now, I’ve turned this somewhat problematic hobby into a productive academic venture by taking on the Cicerone Level 2. I do not claim to know even a fraction of what there is to know about beer, but I do plan on learning more every day.

Before craft beer, writing has been a constant in my life, so I decided to start this blog as an archive of how much stupid shit I can say that no one else would publish. Please, join me in this honorable endeavor.

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