My name’s Emma. I provide honest and sometimes sarcastic commentary on anything craft beer related, with an emphasis on supporting independent businesses and exploring locally from Truckee, California.

I’ve been drinking craft beer before it was legal; in high school I used to steal bottles of Lagunitas IPA from my mom. My mom was the OG craft beer drinker—sipping on Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the ‘90s in her mom jeans—and she’s still one of my favorite brewery buddies and biggest fans (hi, Mom!).

Since those early hophead days, my palate’s expanded; I try to treat all beers equally. I started homebrewing in 2014 to better understand the process of making beer and experiment with flavors and styles. A few recent favorite recipes include a sour pineapple golden ale, chamomile cream ale, cinnamon vanilla imperial stout, and chocolate cherry porter.

Now, I am a beer writer/educator, a “Halfway Cicerone” (I’ve passed the Certified Cicerone Level 2 written exam and I’m waiting to get a tasting exam scheduled), as well as a Provisional BJCP Judge (hoping to climb the ranks with my BJCP Tasting Exam in August!).

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Photo courtesy of The Good Wolf Brewing

Happy Brew Year: Stand-out beer styles from local brewers

As the seasons change, so does a brewery’s tap list. From limited-release, bourbon-barrel-aged monsters to flagship, delicately hopped lagers, here are some special beers to look out for at local craft breweries this winter. [Read more at edible Reno-Tahoe magazine]


Photo: Candice Vivien, edible Reno-Tahoe

Will Work for Gluten-Free Beer

Bread, cereal, spaghetti, snack bars. What do these food items have in common? Grain, which typically constitutes a nightmare for gluten-sensitive eaters. Thankfully, modern food scientists have discovered many gluten-free substitutes that commonly have a base of sorghum, a naturally gluten-free variety of grain from the grass family. And while parts of the world such as Asia have a long history of using sorghum for spirits, American brewers are just getting started with this consumer-friendly base for making 100 percent gluten-free beer. [Read more at edible Reno-Tahoe magazine]


Drinking a hoppy beer at Truckee Philosophy

Photo by Jill Sanford

Getting Crafty: Going the extra mile to serve-up specialty beers

Tahoe is known for mountain landscapes, outdoor recreation, world-class ski resorts, and — craft beer? As liquids are wont to do, beer has been steadily seeping its way into this bustling mountain town thanks to passionate people taking on the challenge of providing craft beer to a thirsty audience. (Plus, local crafters at FiftyFifty gained clout at the last Great American Beer Festival.)

Since beer and the outdoors go hand-in-hand, you’d think everyone would stock the best independent beers around — but it’s not that easy. Moonshine Ink consulted with a handful of North Tahoe craft beer retailers and one regional distributor about how and why they get fresh, quality, certified independent beer to their people. [Read more at Moonshine Ink]

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