Nobody really knows what they want to be when they grow up, right? Throughout my life, I’ve had issues with conviction. Ownership. Decision-making. I used to think everyone else knew something I didn’t—whether it was the mystery of falling in love or merely knowing what kind of snacks to get at the grocery store. Commitment wasn’t the issue—I know not everything lasts forever and I’m not afraid to weasel my way out of a situation—my problem was a lack of focus. Too many choices + an open mind = a sea of indecision. At some point, you must choose (BUT you can still change your mind after, usually!).

The last few years of my life have felt like an era of ownership, and I LOVE owning it. Besides the literal ownership of property and the morally unsound “ownership” of two dogs, I’ve started figuratively owning my life (thanks to my own intents and purposes, plus the support of my friends and family). And one conviction I decided on was doing something in the craft beer world, whatever that may lead to. And it has led to a lot of awesome whatever.

Studying for and passing the Certified Beer Server test, writing for The Thirsty Nevadan, starting my own beer blog, studying for the Certified Cicerone designation, and creating relationships within the beer industry have all been pure joy. This summer I’ve really revved it up for myself, and one event I’m absurdly excited for is a guided beer tasting at Truckee Philosophy. Nothing much makes me happier than witnessing others enjoy good beer. How simple is that?

Four different beer styles, one hour (or more), fourteen dollars, and a ton of fun and informed conversation about everything beer. Come learn about beer styles and history, and tap into your inner descriptive foodie as we use a variety of vocabulary to discuss the beer we experience. What is that particular aroma you love about a saison? Why do you only like certain IPAs? Learn more about your personal taste so you always purchase the best beers for you. Or just have fun drinking great beer and hanging out with lovely people!

A note about the venue: I was ecstatic when Truckee Philosophy opened. I still am. I don’t know about you, but the moment I step into a taproom/restaurant, I naturally make note of every crucial detail and decide instantly whether or not I would write home about it. Not often do the stars align for me (Yes, I am picky). However, Truckee Philosophy has got it all. The décor will make you want to build a home library (book nerds, anyone?). The taplist is always local and will always knock your socks off. And they are committed to their community, constantly hosting events for nonprofits or other local charitable businesses. Philosophy is basically a trendy, mountain-town Millennial’s dream-come-true (*cough* me *cough*). Or literally anyone who gives a shit about their dining-out experience. Just sayin’.

With that said, I’m beside myself to be facilitating a beer tasting event there, something that’s still (sadly) before its time in the public eye (am I allowed to say that without sounding pretentious?). Why would anyone care about a beer tasting? Because beer is food. And it pairs perfectly with any other food, or mood, or life event for that matter. Sorry, wine—scram! Join me.

If you love beer, too, I’m grateful for you. Come learn more about your own relationship with beer, and why it should be cherished. This summer, I’m testing the waters and tasting the beers. I’m excited to announce a couple more things later on that beer lovers will love. Thank you for your support! Pre-register here for the event!

Published by Emma Schmitz

Emma Schmitz is a content marketer & writer based in Truckee, CA. In her free time, she enjoys mountain biking, splitboarding, practicing the dark yarn arts, and nerding out about craft beer.

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